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Yes, it's high time we had a Suffragents movement! The original Suffragettes fought for what they saw as "equality with men". In particular they wanted the vote. Their methods of campaigning were often violent: destroying property, planting bombs and putting animals' lives at risk, to mention just a few. Some women supported the movement and some - including Queen Victoria - did not.

When feminism hit our society in the early sixties, some women were in favour of what they wanted, thinking that they wanted "equality" for women. The last thing feminism was about was "equality". What they wanted was a privileged position for women within society. Most women now realise what an underhand and scheming bunch the feminists were; they also realise - rather late in the day - what damage the "sistas" have done to society. We shall explain this in great detail in other sections of this site. Suffice it to say that men are now the ones with a genuine grievance.

We musketeers don't intend to employ the violent methods of the suffragettes. We don't want to disrupt society, endanger animals or chain ourselves to railings. We shall employ what can be a much more subtle and devastating methods such as satire, ridicule, irony and humour - all showing facts and the truth. Humour, we know, will be understood by the few remaining feminists. After all, you must have a sense of humour to say that "feminism is good for women and good for men". On second thoughts, perhaps it's not a sense of humour, but sheer stupidity.

Massive discrimination against Welsh men by the Welsh Assembly!

Read this shocking account on our "Political Matters" page.

We invite you to peruse some of our sections in order to get to know what is really happening in the world and not what the media and politicians would have you believe.


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