Toilet seat - up or down?

One area of disagreement between men and women who share toilet arrangements is whether the toilet seat should be left up or down. Naturally, many women have no doubt about the matter: it should always be left down so that it’s ready for their use whenever the need arises.

It never seems to strike them that sharing toilet facilities is a 50/50 arrangement and so, in order to be fair, the seat should be left up half the time and down half the time. This would either mean both men and women leaving the seat where it is when they have finished using it or ther opposite of this.

But let’s consider the hygiene factor. It’s a well established scientific fact that germs are killed by being exposed to ultra-violet light but multiply in dark places. Putting the seat down gives germs a dark area in which to multiply. Putting the seat up exposes them to ultra-violet light.

Isn’t it obvious? In the interests of common hygiene and to avoid that “bathroomy” smell - leave the seat UP !
Your comments, witty, wise and otherwise.

Comment from Athos:
The latest advert on TV says that there are more germs on your chopping board than on your toilet seat. Well, I've tried chopping up carrots on the toilet seat but had to give up as too many slices fell into the bowl.

And one from Aramis:
Just in case any women forget to do this simple thing, I suggest they be made to wear a special "seat-up"collar to remind them. See invention below: