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The Penny and the Bun – How to have your cake and eat it

by Athos

Being ‘over 60’, and having been brought up in a single parent family, with a mother who wanted to be proud of her two boys, I was always taught that ‘manners maketh man’. But what makes a woman ? For, throughout my life, I’ve never met a similarly well mannered girl or woman.

For decades, I’ve stood up when a ‘lady’ enters the room. I’ve dutifully pulled back her chair to allow her to sit gracefully and, in a restaurant, handed her napkin, ordered her meal and then, of course, paid for it. I’ve always opened doors for females, given them my seat on a train or bus, and made way for them in the street or in shops. When I was younger, I offered them drinks in a bar and, in a gentlemanly manner, escorted them home safely to their door.

Why is it, then, that none of these courtesies have ever earned any reciprocal consideration ? In this age of emancipation and feminism, I would have thought that women would welcome the chance to play the manly role, for a change, After all, haven’t they been whining for decades about the advantages afforded to men that they – the poor creatures – have been denied ? However, as Shakespeare wrote (in Hamlet) ‘Aye, there’s the rub’.

The truth of the matter is that the female of the species want all the benefits and privileges of being a man, same pay and privileges as their male counterparts, but none of the burdens. Worse still, they expect to retain all of the privileges afforded to women before - In short, they want the penny and the bun ! The horror of this is that they have succeeded. They get equal rights, equal pay, equal opportunities, many advantages over men – particularly in the health service, education, the civil service, and with financial benefits.

They get six weeks off on full pay to have a child and a similar time on half pay. They expect their job to be kept for them just in case they decide to return to work, and if they do they demand flexi-hours to work in with their busy child-rearing schedule. In fact, they expect to jump to the front of the queue in almost everything, except the dirty jobs, of course, like ‘environmental’ jobs, such as rat-catching, wading through sewers, collecting the bins, street cleaning, funeral parlour work. You can’t expect a lady to do that, can you? No, they expect to strut about, dressed in skimpy, ultra-sexy, designer clothes that show acres of flesh, smothered with expensive makeup, tattoos, self-mutilating, skin- piercing jewellery, and skin dye – looking more like tarts than the stereotypical ‘working girls’ that used to frequent the fleshpots of the docks.

Whilst men work their fingers to the bone in order to pay the mortgage and feed their children, these women waste millions on makeup and clothes, contributing nothing to society except second-hand clothes for charity shops. And God help the poor man who dares to glance at her, whilst she is staring into every shop window admiring herself – you’ll get a scornful look and be branded a pervert. Never forget, she is the huntress and only the preening young bucks, in their zippered jackets, loosed shirts and their waxed hair may view her as she seeks out her prey.

Yet, we learn that they are to be recruited, in numbers, to the fire service, and more to serve in the military, as long as there’s a man to grease the pole for her, open the fire engine door, give her the best seat, and keep her supplied with food drink and endless compliments – God help us (she won’t of course). And still they bleat about ‘glass ceilings’ and the men who get more money regardless of the fact that the men are cleverer than them and actually work hard for a living, unlike the lazy, egotistical, inconsiderate women who clutter up our offices and call centres – have you ever encountered a woman on the other end of the telephone who is polite and helpful ? I think not. No, when it comes to the female of the species, they have got it all – the penny and the bun !

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When reporting that NSPCC convictions for child cruelty have gone down over the past year, the BBC commented that "This was good news".

When the BBC reported that convictions for rape had gone down over the past year, they commented that "It was a cause for concern" and that "we need more convictions".

If any proof were needed that the BBC are biased against men, this is it!

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Interesting snippits
Why women lie and make false allegations

Because of the institutional discrimination against men by police officers, women feel quite free to make the most blatant accusations against innocent men knowing that the police are trained to always believe the woman's account.

The fact that only about 5% of men accused of rape are found guilty clearly illustrates that this is the case. Experts who have carried out surveys asking women why they lie and make such false allegations have found that they give all sorts of excuses for doing so such as:

* they agreed to have sex but thought they might be pregnant
* they didn't want their husband or boyfriend to think they had been unfaithful
* they had second thoughts afterwards and wanted to blame the man
* they wanted to get revenge on a man
* they felt ashamed and didn't want the blame
* to test a partner's love.

Some women have been caught out in their lies and have had to pay the price. A classic case of such an event has been put on Youtube where a traffic cop in America issued a speeding ticket to a woman. She didn't even get out of the car when this happened.
But when she was questioned at the police headquarters she made up the most blatant lies accusing the officer of fondling her and sexually assaulting her. And she sounded quite convincing.

Fortunately for the officer the whole event had been recorded on camera and the woman was shown up to be a blatant liar.
You can see the film of the whole event by going to:

Woman who swindled £28,000 in incapacity benefits, still getting paid by council.

Dorothy Abbott, 56 is a convicted benefits fraudster but is still being paid at tazpayers' expense to the tune of £50,000 to work as a council's trade union representative.

She was let off with a mere six month suspended jail sentence - that's over £1,000 a week. Not bad eh?

After falling ill and claiming incapacity benefit, Abbott claimed that she didn't notice that benefit to the tune of £28,000 continued to be paid into her bank account.

Well, one doesn't notice small sums being paid into one's bank account does one?


Three women made up false allegations against man to get compensation

Three women conspired together to accuse Stephen Fussell of sexual impropriety towards them when they were girls. But the jury of six men and six women took only 30 minutes to decide that he was not guilty of any of the charges.

Yet another case of an innocent man being named while three lying women get away with anonymity.


The Late Andrea Dworkin
by Aramis

When the feminist Andrea Dworkin “shuffled off this mortal coil” her death was greeted in similar fashion to that of Saddam Hussein. I suppose, in many ways, their lives had run on similar lines: they both did massive damage to the societies in which they lived.

To refer to Dworkin as a "writer" is to use the word in a purely honorary way. Her frenetic style of writing suggests a mind with a few bolts missing. It's often difficult or well nigh impossible to follow her train of thought even on those rare occasions when the train hasn't been cancelled. I came across a rather humorous reference to her “writing” a little while ago where someone commented that she wrote both fiction and non-fiction. Anyone who has read Dworkin’s writing will realise that it's all fiction; and nothing could be more fictitious than her alleged “rape” in her hotel bedroom. She was 52, devastatingly ugly and repulsive in every conceivable way. Dworkin raped ??? Any man who raped her was either on drugs, was drunk or was very well paid for doing so.

She writes: 'They took my body from me and used it'. Now, I can think of lots of uses for Dworkin’s body: filling a very large hole in the ground, a wheel chock for a large airliner or a stand-in for Godzilla or a beached whale. But - a rape victim? Who’d have such appallingly bad taste and such a strong stomach?

Even a fellow feminist, Camille Paglia, says of the imagined event:
"Dworkin…has turned a garish history of mental instability into feminist grand opera. She publicly boasts of her bizarre multiple rapes, assaults, beatings, breakdowns and tacky trauma, as if her inability to cope with life were the patriarchy's fault rather than her own. Dworkin's shrill, kvetching, solipsistic prose has a sloppy, squalling infantilism."

Dworkin says in her account of the alleged “rape” that she thought the bartender might have done it “because he had made the drinks and he was on the room-service phone and he had flirted grandly with me, though I had not reciprocated.” Now can you imagine anyone flirting with Dworkin? With an orangutan, yes, but with Dworkin? Pleeeeeze!

She claims that she was drugged and when she came round she was bleeding. She says she couldn’t stop it. Did she therefore summon medical help? No! Hours later she took a shower. Please note her claims:
“I know a lot about rape. I study it. I read about it. I think about it. I listen to rape victims. I engage with prosecutors and lawyers and legislators. I write about it.”
Being such an expert on rape, she should have known better than anyone that, after being raped, you must not shower as it destroys the evidence.

She further claims that the boy who served the drinks managed to get into her room through a door that was bolted on the inside.

In this lurid and imaginative account she goes on to say:
“In my own life, I don't have intercourse. That is my choice.”
I think it’s more likely to be the choice of every man who came into contact with her deciding he’d prefer a real woman. Can you imagine gazing on that incredible hulk lying on a bed naked? Ugh! Not a pretty sight! And just think of the logistics involved. You'd need to be some sort of a contortionist.

I suppose Dworkin's "contribution" to society is typical of most of the feminazi and can be summed up thus:

* hatred of men
* hatred of marriage and sex
* supplying dodgy statistics
* false accusation of rape
* a plea for special treatment of the "poor downtrodden" woman

Just your average feminist I suppose.

It’s not often that a blogger succeeds in being genuinely humorous about the death of someone, but I came across “Rodney’s” blog on the web, and he does just that. His piece on Dworkin is rather long but here’s a quote:


Shambling Mound slain with +2 sword of osteoarthritis

Sorry about not posting anything yesterday, but I've been busy celebrating the death of totalitarian ham-beast Andrea Dworkin (as well as building a new wall in my hortus). Dworkin, who was 58, died from reaching critical mass and collapsing in upon herself. She is survived by her partner, a woman with the unusual name of "John" and perhaps the strongest stomach which nature has ever granted a human being. Now, before I launch into my thoughts about Dworkin (who will be buried with an apple stuck in her mouth), I want to warn you that I don't want to see any comments suggesting that my remarks about Dworkin's hulking girth (and they will be numerous) is a cheap shot. I'm just following in the long tradition of people who considered Dworkin to be an animated dung heap. One writer for the London Review of Books said of Dworkin: "[she]hates men and sex" and is "overweight and ugly".

And why is no one discussing the fact that Dworkin lied about being raped? Back in 2000, Dworkin claimed that she had been drugged and raped by two men in a Paris hotel room. Dworkin never contacted either hotel security or the police, offered inconsistant accounts, and provided no evidence (when all that she would need to produce to convince me would be the copious amount of vomit that would be the inevitable result of two men gazing upon her walrus-like body). Is there any more egregious insult to the millions of women who have been raped than this? And yet Dworkin will be remembered as a crusader for the rights of women by the two or three people who gather around her huge grave when here piano-case sized coffin is lowered into the ground.”

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How do you fancy this one gents?

When Andy wrote in to tell us he'd seen a woman even fatter than the late Andrea Dworking, we just didn't believe him. "Impossible!" we said.

So, to prove his point he sent us the following picture. O.K! O.K! Andy. We believe you.

Ugh!!! Not a pretty sight eh?


Richard writes to us:
Quote by another feminist head case speaking about Dworkin:

"It feels like the north pole is gone now." --Catharine MacKinnon

Well, it's awfully cold at the North Pole! Strange - since Dworkin's death we've heard a lot about the North Pole thawing out.


Back to the womb ?

A typical feminist jibe, in Dworkin style, is ‘Men spend 9 months getting out of the womb and then spend the rest of their lives trying to get back in’. You can smell the burning martyr flesh already, can’t you? 

Then we have to endure the, ‘If men had to endure the pain of childbirth we’d never have any children’. That one really gets my goat.  Women spend a half hour of discomfort in childbirth and then make the man endure a lifetime of pain as retribution – as though it was all our fault !

 It’s the same thing with sex, of course.  Men court their intended lovers, being made to spend a fortune on flowers, dinners, jewellery and other luxuries, hoping to be allowed the sexual encounter that the woman has teased him with for months.  Then - after his few minutes of pleasure - the poor chap has to continue his subservience, hoping for more sex, by enduring hours of shopping, hours with her boring mother and more gratuitous gift-buying until she graciously allows him to copulate again.  All the while, the voracious female pretends to be virtuous, whilst claiming to be at the virtual mercy of her selfish, demanding mate, who ‘only wants one thing – to satiate his beastly lust on her poor violated temple of a body’ ( yeah right ).  Conclusion – ‘all men are lustful, selfish beasts who demean women by making unreasonable sexual demands on them, using them for their pleasure whilst ignoring their emotional needs’ ( yeah right ).

 In truth, all women are whores, prostituting themselves by exacting high prices from their ‘punters’.  The only honest women are the real ‘working girls’, the prostitutes who make no such nonsense about their intentions towards men – “You want it, you pay for it !”

Allow me to finish by adding that, the only reason that men want to ‘get back inside the womb’ is that it was the only time in their lives when they were safe from women. If you disagree, let me know.

                     Athos the perfect puritanical gentleman














Feminist Prophecies - optimistic and empty

Porthos, has just sent me a cutting from the Western Mail, a Welsh newspaper with a distinct feminist flavour (or feminist stink - take your pick!). Most of the femmy articles in this particular "newspaper" tell us how downtrodden are women compared with men but honest FACTS such as the fact that millions of pounds are given to Welsh Women's Aid every year by the Welsh Assembly and nothing to help men, or the fact that women have a selection of over 500 refuges to choose from, whereas men have five, seem to be conveniently forgotten. The words "misandric bias" come to mind!

The articles are usually humorous to any red-blooded male who knows the facts but this latest offering is REALLY funny. Someone called Sion Barry says that "the pay of Welsh female executives will outstrip their male colleagues in 2039 - 156 years before the rest of the UK, according to new figures.

We've been hearing this sort of garbage in the media for the past 40 years haven't we? Such lines as:

'They say that in ten years time, women will . . .'
'By the year 2006 women will be . . .'
'It is estimated that women will comprise . . .'
'Experts say that by 2002 . . .' etc. etc. etc.

Now it seems we can add the line: "In 156 years time . . ." Well, it's a pretty safe line isn't it? Who's going to remember to check on this in 156 years time?

Usually the 'Experts' the 'theys' and the 'Its' are amorphous and anonymous, and the figures proclaimed are as totally unbelieveable as those given about domestic violence. 

But, occasionally, very occasionally, a prophet will be found who is bold enough to give a figure and give a date. Two such prophets of feminist prowess were Susan Ward and Brian Whipp who, in 1992 announced confidently to the world in the scientific magazine 'Nature', that the wide gap between men and women athletes was closing fast.

They actually predicted that by 1998 women marathon runners would equal the times of men marathon runners and that female athletes would catch up with men and even surpass them at all other distances.

The feminist prophecy was that in just six years time this would all come to pass. Let's see how right they were. We'll be generous and extend their time by another ten years:

In 1992 the winning man's time in the prestigious Boston Marathon was 2.08.14 a full 15 minutes 29 seconds in front of the fastest woman runner.

Well, this is 2008, so what was the result of the Boston Marathon this year? The fastest woman was Dire Tube who clocked in her win at 2 hours, 25 minutes 25 seconds.

The winning man was Robert K. Cheruiyot who raced home in 2 hours, 7 minutes 46 seconds - 17 minutes 39 seconds faster than the fastest woman, thus adding another 2 minutes 10 seconds to the gap between men and women runners.

In the recent Beijing Olympic Marathon, the winner of the men's race, Samuel Kamau Wansiru, beat the winner of the women's race, Constantine Tomescu Dita, by a massive 20 minutes 12 seconds.

Far from closing, the gap is getting very much wider. Thus yet another feminist prophecy bites the dust!

As everyone with both feet on the ground knows, men and women get paid what they're worth to their employers. So if women get paid less than men - to use the oft-quoted L'Oréal slogan - it's "because they're worth it". And because they're not worth any more!

Suppose you were an employer who was interviewing two applicants for an executive post, one a man and one a woman, both about thirty years of age. If their qualifications and experience were about the same, would you employ the one who might approach you a few months after you appointed her to say she wanted a year off with pay to have a baby and a short while later want another year - or two - off for the same reason, during which times you would have to replace her and pay another salary, or would you play safe and employ the man? Not a difficult decision to make is it? And of course this example does not take into consideration the cost of retraining a member of staff who has been out of the business for three or four years.

So where do feminist prophecies go so horribly wrong? They suffer from an overdose of optimism and a sad lack of logic and realism. They also have the ability of manufacturing and massaging statistics to put a better gloss on them. 

Some years ago I read a piece by a female sports commentator who proudly proclaimed that in such-and-such an event in 1997 the winning woman clocked up a better time than the winning man in the same event in 1947!

So what? She was supposing that men athletes had not improved over the last 50 years, but as anyone with a rudimentary knowledge of athletics knows for a certainty - they have. And, if the Boston Marathon and the recent Olympics are anything to go by, men have improved much more than women.

In the Western Mail article referred to above the writer has overlooked one tiny little thing: there's a massive economic downturn facing business at the moment, all over the world. Now, over recent years, when boom was the order of the day, it might have been expedient for a business which was returning massive profits year after year, to indulge feminist pressure groups such as the now-defunct "Equal" Opportunities Commission, and employ a few more female executives but, in the cold wind of a recession, it will be a vastly different story.

Add to this the fact that "according to new figures" more and more women are leaving full time employment to become full-time wives and mothers, and the female employment figures get even worse. In this connection, Ruth Kelly has just resigned her cabinet post to give more time to her family and so has become a new type of role model. Bully for her!

So, what chance of the Welsh female executives catching up with men executives in 31 years? Just about none. And what about the 156 years for the rest of the UK? Well, I think that can be extended considerably. In fact I don't think they ever will catch up, not until men start having babies and staying at home to look after them. I think yet another feminist prophecy is going for a sail down the Swanee.