Comments on the Media
The media are those people who regularly invade our lives with their alleged "news" and comments. We all tend to accept them at face value, but HOW REALIABLE AND TRUTHFUL ARE THEY?

BBC Shows its True Colours !


There used to be a time when the BBC was a model of rectitude. All presenters and news readers could be absolutely relied on to speak clearly and to pronounce their words properly. Their presentation of news was accurate and totally without bias. BUT NOT ANY LONGER!

The 12th July 2007 was not a good day for the Beeb; and that's putting it mildly. Earlier in the week they had been fined £50,000 for a Blue Peter scam where children were conned into thinking they were taking part in a genuine competition, and were being charged to do so, only to discover later that a child who happened to be visiting the studio had already been chosen as the "winner".

But on 12th they committed their biggest beeb - sorry boob - ever. They showed a trailer which purported to illustrate the Queen storming out of a photo shoot in great indignation, whereas, in actual fact the shot they showed was of the Queen GOING INTO the photo shoot. Of course when the truth came out, the BBC emerged with large quantities of egg on their face. They had been much too athletic in jumping to conclusions and, those responsible, had not CHECKED. The Controller of BBC1 appeared and made an abject apology but, apparently, he doesn't think he should resign over the matter. It seems that a BBC "controller" does not necessarily have to control anything. But he had to admit that, once again, the BBC had deceived the public.

But, ON THAT SAME DAY the BBC deceived the public again, and another apology should have been made - to every man in the country. Yet again the BBC showed its bias and discrimination against men in the matter of domestic violence. Once more they regurgitated the "one in four women" quote - those who suffer domestic violence in their life time. Now, we are not challenging this figure, BUT, in the same survey that gives that figure it also says that "one in six men" will also suffer domestic violence during their lifetime. THE BBC NEVER MENTIONED IT!

This one-sided presentation was then followed by a short film of a policeman who visited a woman who had, allegedly, suffered domestic violence at the hands of a man. We submit that most people viewing at that time would have thought that all domestic violence was committed by men against women. BBC television had once again misled its viewers on this subject; it has done this time and time again over recent years.

It's high time the BBC got its act together and flushed out all the feminatrics who allow such institutional discrimination against men. Meanwhile - ANOTHER apology is called for.