Violent & criminal women !
The "gentle" sex? I don't think so !


violent women - just in one day
34-year-old woman - sex with young boy
woman jailed for theft
callous blonde preyed on elderly men
woman kills all her family
mother kills her 5-year-old daughter
girl lies about abuse and kills her father
woman molests her own daughter
nanny shakes baby to death
female serial killer
woman steals £104,000 from surgery
blonde steals paintings
4 female criminals in one day
mother deliberately scalds her son


The "gentle" sex???? All in ONE day!
While awaiting my haircut at my barber's today I idly looked through a copy of the Sun newspaper. Here are the three short articles I found dealing with female murder, sexual abuse of a boy and false accusations of rape.

This lot, together with so many surveys proving that, in the home, women commit as much domestic violence as men, puts paid to the long-held myth about women being the gentle sex. No way!

Mum on trial for sex with boy

A MARRIED mum yesterday admitted sexually assaulting a 14-year-old boy in a cinema.
Jane Attwood, 36, fondled the teenager, carried out another sex act on him and made him perform one on her at a screening of Jackass 2 in central London.
The boy later revealed what had happened when his mum grew suspicious after Attwood rang him.
He wept in the public gallery at Southwark Crown Court as Attwood admitted three charges of sexual activity with a child.
Attwood, of Dagenham, Essex, was bailed and the case adjourned for reports.


Mum gets 4 years for killing son

A MUM who killed her five-year-old son by spiking his drink with anti-depressants was jailed for four years yesterday.
Carol Birch, 44, crushed TEN Temazepam for Jay – waiting until he died before overdosing.
Birch, of Buxton, Derbyshire, had split from Jay’s dad Stuart Scotching.
She admitted manslaughter on grounds of diminished responsibility at Nottingham Crown Court.
Stuart, 44, said: “I’m devastated.”

1 year jail for woman’s rape lies

A WOMAN who falsely accused a squaddie of raping her was jailed for a year yesterday.
Amanda Lang, 21, had consensual sex with Lance Corp Phillip Trowell, 19, in the room she shared with her airman boyfriend after an evening’s drinking.
But she felt guilty later and once the soldier had left she made up a rape claim.
Judge Julian Hall told her at Oxford Crown Court: “What you did was wicked.
“Every time a woman makes a false allegation of rape you let down the women that make true allegations and cause suspicion that another person is making it up.”
Lang had told police she was raped and attacked in bushes at RAF Brize Norton, in Oxfordshire.
She later admitted attempting to pervert the course of justice.


When I arrived home I browsed BBC four news and saw this item:

Woman arrested over attack on OAP

Police say a 48-year-old woman has been arrested in connection with a serious assault on a 77-year-old woman at the front door of her Cardiff home.
The pensioner was left with serious injuries after she answered a knock at her door in Fields Park Road, Pontcanna, about 0850 GMT on 14 March.
The woman was arrested on suspicion of attempted murder, theft and deception and is being questioned by police.
Detectives are continuing to appeal for information on the incident.
The pensioner was found by a passer-by about 10 minutes after the attack and taken to hospital.
An incident room with 30 detectives on the case was set up at the city's Fairwater police station.
Det Ch Insp Stuart McKenzie, said: "This was a cowardly attack on an elderly victim.
"Although we have someone in custody, we still think people have information about this incident and we would urge them to call the incident room."
Anyone with information is asked to contact the incident room on 029 2057 1530 or Crimestoppers anonymously on 0800 555 111


Woman of 34 has sex with boy of 13

Ruth Lee was jailed for 15 months after she admitted that she, twice, had sex with a 13-year-old boy. After meeting him on St Valentine's Day, the deviant mother of two teenage children, took him back to her house where she had sex with him.

On the second accasion there were other children present, one of whom filmed her behaviour on a mobile phone. He later played the clip to his mother who called the police.

(July 2007)



Woman jailed for theft

A 36-year-old woman, Mandy trickett, stole £100 worth of food from a service station shop. When she was caught she gave her sister's name instead of her own. She was given a community order for trying to pervert the course of justice. But she failed to complete the order so was taken back to the crown court where the judge jailed her for two months.






Callous Blonde bitch who preyed on elderly men who just wanted friendship.

Loraine Uprichard advertised in the lonely hearts columns as "lovely bubbly attractive blonde widow of 50 looking for caring friendship." Uprichard was a slef-confessed man hater - obviously. The only thing this evil female cared about was money and she didn't care who she swindled to get it. Over two years she tricked elderly men out of £100,000.

Just as men are hesitant about reporting domestic violence by women because they realise the police will doubt their word, so the men who were swindled did not report the matter to the police. But one brave man was not put off so easily. When Upritchard swindled £2,200 out of Leonard Hesling of Eastbourne, he hired a private detective to track her down and reported the matter to the police.

At her trial she admitted skipping bail and two counts of deception. It was also revealed that she had a previous conviction for obtaining property by deception. With this sort of track record you would have thought a prison sentence would have been appropriate, but a lenient judge merely ordered Upritchard to pay her victim back the £2,200 she stole from him and gave her an 18 month community order. She must also attend a woman's programme as part of her "punishment". Eighteen months for swindling men out of £100,000; that's about £1,400 a week. Not bad earnings I suppose.



Woman kills all her family

July 31, 2007 FLOWER MOUND, Texas

A woman fatally shot her husband and two children as they slept, before
killing herself, police said. Andrea Roberts, 41, killed her husband, Michael Lewis Roberts, 41, and children, Micayla, 11, and Dylan, 7, Officer Steven Caldwell said. Each had a single gunshot wound to the

Detectives are reviewing a suicide note left in the house in Flower Mound, about 30 miles northwest of Dallas, police Lt. Wendell Mitchell said.

On Tuesday, their bodies were found when a neighbour checked on them in the morning at the request of Michael Roberts' employer after he missed a business meeting, Caldwell said.












Five-year-old girl shot by her mother

The father of a 5-year-old girl who was shot and killed by her mother has filed a wrongful death suit against the Summit County Children Services Board.

The suit by Mark Shadoan seeks $10 million from Children Services for allegedly failing to check out reports that Megan Shadoan was being abused in the month before Beverly Shadoan killed Megan and herself.







Daughter in Lima, Ohio, kills her father and lies about being abused

A woman who claimed she shot her father in the back after
years of abuse was convicted of aggravated murder after a third trial. Mindy Berenyi, 20, was sentenced to life in prison in Allen County Common Pleas Court. She will be eligible for parole in 23 years.

Berenyi had admitted that she used a 12-gauge shotgun to kill her father four years ago, but said the killing was prompted by years of being abused as a child. Prosecutor Joseph Burkard said there was no evidence of abuse and Berenyi never told friends or family she had been abused until after the shooting.

Her two brothers also testified that their father never was abusive. Burkard said she killed him because she did not want to live by his rules and wanted to move in with her mother.
Berenyi appeared stunned as the verdict was read.


Woman molests her own daughter

In Glendale, California a 25-year-old Los Angeles woman has pleaded not guilty to charges of molesting her own daughter at Glendale Adventist
Medical Center. The Glendale "News-Press" reports, a video camera, set up to monitor the sleeping habits of the five-year old girl, caught the woman spanking the girl, then lying next to her in bed and molesting her.

The girl and her mother's 15-year old sister, who is visiting from Mexico, have been placed in protective custody. The suspect is being held in lieu of 500-thousand dollars' bail.










Nanny shakes baby to death

In San Diego, California a British nanny convicted of causing the death of a toddler by shaking him was sentenced to a mandatory 25 years to life in jail by a judge who described the punishment as appropriate. Judge William Kennedy said he had considered probation for Manjit Basuta, a 44-year-old Indian-born Briton who ran a day care facility. But he decided it was unrealistic because Basuta would have been deported back to Britain and the probation could not be monitored.

Basuta was convicted on June 14th of assaulting a child and causing his death. A jury heard evidence from a witness that the day care center operator grabbed 13-month-old Christopher Oliver Smith on March 17th of last year, shook him violently and then banged his head on the floor when he refused to have his diaper changed.

Kennedy postponed sentencing Basuta last month, saying he had been "tortured" by the case and wanted to consider options that included not
sending the woman to jail.















In this immoral age, we are used to women killing the babies inside them. In the UK alone, one-and-a-half million babies are killed in this way every year. The mothers are aided and abetted by politicians who then wonder why our population is declining!

But a French woman, Virginie Labrosse, 36, killed her babies after they were born. She was arrested by police after they discovered the bodies of three of her babies born in 2001, 2003 and 2006.

It was Labrosse's former partner who tipped off the police about the murders. He and Labrosse's current boyfriend were questioned by police but released.


Woman steals £104,000 from doctors' surgery

Dawn Beynon, 46, admitted at Swansea Crown Court that on 33 occasions she stole money from her employers - a doctors' practice - amounting to a total of £104,000. She did this to fund a lavish life style of luxury foreign holidays and cruises and to buy property.

She kept her husband in the dark about her financial activities and he was cleared of blame. Her marriage is now in tatters.

Beynon was sent to prison for 15 months.








Can you help to catch this thieving woman?

Two oil paintings, together worth more than £3,000, have been stolen from an exhibition at a gallery in south Wales. A woman, described as blonde, went into the Gallery in Penarth at 1400 BST on Tuesday and took the works, both by Barry-born artist Dan Llewellyn-Hall.

The paintings were hanging just inside the gallery's door and the woman was later seen heading in the direction of Penarth railway station. Police in the Vale of Glamorgan are investigating.

The stolen works are both oils on canvas by one of the country's leading contemporary artists, said a police spokesman One, Artisan's Pew, priced at £2,500, is in an elaborate, dark coloured frame and measures approximately 1m wide and 80 cm deep. The second Folly, which is priced at £700, a landscape painting is approximately A4 size

Police are appealing for information and asking witnesses to contact the Neighbourhood Policing Officer, Pc Emma Fitzgerald at Penarth police station on 029 20 222111 or Crimestoppers on 0800 555 111.

Story from BBC NEWS:














Mother deliberately scalds her five-year-old son

A 36 year-old Cardiff mother was found guilty of deliberately scalding her five year old son 12 years ago. The kettle of boiling water she poured over him caused burning over 20% of his small body. He spent eight months in hospital and is scarred for life. He still needed an operation 10 years later. Four women jurors wept openly in court as they heard the harrowing story. The mother blackmailed the boy by saying that if he told anyone about it she would kill herself. The boy, now 17, told the court that it was because she threatened to do this that he had kept his secret for so long.

The mother lied to friends telling them that the boy had run into her as she was carrying a kettle of boiling water and that he had been scalded accidentally. She will be sentence next month.

(July 2007)