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Family Education Trust

"Respect for Parents" Campaign

In an effort to raise public awareness of the various ways parents are being undermined by public policy and to embolden parents to take more responsibility for their children, Family Education Trust has launched a ‘Respect for Parents' campaign.

In the first of a new series of publications, the Trust highlights the government's schizophrenic attitude towards parents. While on the one hand the government trumpets the importance of parents and holds them responsible for their children's behaviour at school and in the community, on the other hand their role is being undermined by growing pressure on mothers to work outside the home, official disapproval of effective methods of discipline, and the confidential provision of contraception and abortions without the knowledge or consent of parents.

Keep it in your pants Chaps

Balmy July brings us news that the government and police are working on a new test to determine the level of alcohol in the blood of a girl/woman beyond which she may be categorised as being ‘incapable of consenting to sex’. They emphasise – to the baying support of feminist groups – that they are not just looking at the level of alcohol that renders the binge-drinking ladettes blind stinking drunk. In fact, they are looking at establishing a much lower level of blood alcohol that enables these ‘ladies’ to say that they weren’t sure they consented to sex. This, once again, presupposes that men are the sexual predators, whilst innocent women are merely ‘out for a good time’, however it suits them to define that phrase. It also means that women who drink are not responsible for their actions, but, of course men who drink are.

The Musketeers say that this is another outrage on men, which will encourage more false rape claims, so that the girls can blame the consequences of their promiscuity on her ‘date’, who ( obviously ) spent the evening plying her with liquor in order to have his ‘wicked way’ with her limp, smelly body – Yuk ! Women know that the recommended limit for women is far less than men (14 units per week as opposed to 22 for men), yet they regularly exceed this limit in an evening. The police would be better occupied ensuring that women are penalised for being drunk and disorderly, and/or driving under the influence of alcohol rather than pandering to the feminist lobby who refuse to see their ‘sistas’ as promiscuous sexual predators who can’t hold their booze or keep any accepted standards of morality.

Interesting post found on a political web site:

At last! Politicians have "discovered" that Britain is a broken society. This is a welcome and enlightened step to take, and, flying in the face of all the accepted "social speak" which flies around today, must be regarded as courageous.

The next step for these politicians, however, will demand even greater courage. They must answer the question: WHO BROKE IT? The clear and obvious answer is FEMINISTS. Over the last three decades they have been hard at work dismantling what was a stable British society by forcing women out to work and separating children from the love of their fathers via our secret family courts - with what has now been proved to be dire consequences.

Their 'sidelines" have also been activities such as sponsoring divorce on a large scale, and also the killing of hundreds of thousands of unborn babies.
The men's rights charity ManKind said over a decade ago that, as usual, it would be left to men to clear up this feminist-inspired mess. Now that politicians have caught up with the ManKind thinking, let's hope they pave the way for the big clean up.

Women in High Office - some accurate observations by Athos.

A short while ago I came across a website of quotations. It was, quite obviously, run by some man-hating feminist as I realised when I read the section on men and the section on women. The latter contained the following quote:

"I will feel equality has arrived when we can elect to office women who are as incompetent as some of the men who are already there."

This must be out of date as almost every woman elected so far has proved more incompetent than any man.

The main reasons women don't get elected are :
Men are more competent, more business-minded, and have a stronger work ethic than women, whereas women want all the benefits enjoyed by males, without having to work as hard as their male counterparts.  In short, they want 'equality' just for being women, regardless of the fact that most people don't want women chefs, women clergy, women councillors, AMs or MPs, women pilots, women soldiers, women policepersons, women busdrivers, women builders or heavy plant operators, women engineers (their brains can't absorb anything more technical than how to turn a tap on), women managers (a contradiction in terms, of course) or women in any responsible position where other people have to be dependent on them.
You only have to look at the miriad of incompetent female AMs/MPs we have had/have, females running public bodies eg Elwa, Chwarae Teg, the LHBs.  In fact, the only successful female businessperson was Anita Roddick because she had the most unfeminine of human traits - integrity, sincerity, unselfishness and honesty.

Also, when women do achieve relatively high positions, or professional occupations (solicitors, barristers, accountants etc.) their full-time employment life-span is two years maximum, which is when the 'Penny and the Bun' syndrome kicks in (see my story by the same name).  This is when they want to 'have a break', 'start a family' (with 6months paid maternity leave, plus an optional extra 6 months when their job must be kept open for them), or start their own business.  Then, usually after two more years, they want to return to work - at the same rate of pay and conditions as they enjoyed before (providing it's equal to that of a man, who hasn't had the same options open to him).  On top of that, they expect to be allowed to work what is jocularly known as 'flexi-hours', in order to fit in with picking up the kids from nursery, school, going shopping, preparing the evening meal, and a host of other things.  Once again, a priviledge not open to men.
If all of the above was just fiction, it would be a ruddy good read and we'd all have a jolly good laugh over it but, when you realise it's reality, then it's time to take stock of the rights of men who are demonstrably getting the short end of the stick.  Women do not deserve 'equality' of pay or conditions until such time as they are able to demonstrate sufficient competence and a willingness to work as hard and as consistently as men.  Male managers are persistently being urged to work longer periods of unpaid overtime to 'prove their commitmemnt and to earn promotion'.  You'd be hard put to find one woman manager who will work a 37.1/2 week - once - let alone work any overtime as well.  Then, to cap all that, is the reason why women are the most difficult of creatures to work with - thier egos !  It's long been an established fact that anyone conducting business with anyone else must leave their ego at home as it has no place in the work environment.  Women are incapable of ignoring their egos as it is as important to them as their image and their perverted sense of 'rightness'.  In short, give me a mule to work with any day in preference to a woman !


Perhaps politicians DO learn from their mistakes and the mistakes of others

Tony Blair said, before his first challenge, that if he were elecetd to power he would put more women in the Cabinet.
Now, at that time he had no idea what calibre of women might be elected as MPs. As we now know many of them were duds, but he had to keep to his promise and did put more women in the Cabinet.
The result was disaster! Mo Mowlem arranged a "peace" agreement that nobody kept. Her great mistake was discussing the matter with murderes and thieves in prison whom she eventually freed to carry on their crimes as before.

Mo had to be moved sideways to a job where she could do less damage and eventually she was elbowed out of the Cabinet. A string of other women had to be dealt with similarly.

Gordon Brown evidently has learned from Blair's mistake and has not put many women in his Cabinet.

BUT. . .
It now looks as though Gordon Brown has made his first "slip-up" appointment. If the media are to be believed (not often the case, I know) he has rashly appointed Kitty Ussher as "New Minister for the City" whatever that might be. She was the bitch who conned male undergrads, while she was at Oxford, into paying a "Tampax Tax" on the grounds that women were "economically disadvantegd by a biological necessity". Obviously a man-hating feminist! With fraudulent thinking of that sort it's a wonder she hasn't worked for the BBC.

In those days, of course, female undergrads were in the minority but feminism in its ascendancy. I'd like to think that, if she were to try such a scam at Oxford now, the male undergrads would tell her where to stick her Tampax. Well - there's only a couple of inches difference!

When the Welsh Assembly was formed it was the boast of Rhodri Morgan that over half the Assembly Members were women. Jane Hutt as Minister of Health saw to it that most of the NHS budget was spent of women's health. The health of Welsh men was all but ignored.
In the Assembly elections in May 2007 it was the turn of the Welsh electorate to have learnt a lesson. Now the Welsh Assembly is composed mainly of men.


How the Welsh Assembly continues to discriminate against the men of Wales


For the benefit of those who visit this site from other countries, allow me to set the scene for the following article.

The Welsh Assembly is a collection of 60 politicians, known as Assembly Members, (A.M.) given the task of running Wales. Fortunately for the MEN of Wales, this lot does not have full law-making powers but they do have control of a lot of money and, hence, of what happens in Wales.

When the Assembly was first set up it was the boast of Rhodri Morgan, the First Minister, that the Assembly was composed of half men and half women. That was the first mistake, because female politicians always think they have been elected “to represent women”. Hence there was a flurry of measures to benefit women and very little to benefit men. The male assembly members didn’t seem to worry about this; after all they received a good wage for doing a part-time job. But the men of Wales had other ideas which probably accounts for the fact that, at the last election, a majority of men were elected. Welsh men hope this trend will continue; they also hope that the male A.Ms. will do a spot of thinking about men’s problems, just by way of a change.

The Welsh Assembly building was built in Cardiff at a cost of £67 million at a time when many Welshmen would have preferred the money to have been spent on schools and hospitals. The building looks as though the scaffolding is still in place – but that’s just a design fault.

The city of Cardiff has always been a hotbed of feminism but, fortunately, their influence has waned considerably and many younger Welsh women wonder what all the fuss was about anyway. But in the twentieth century they infiltrated the media and some of the modern “art” centres. One of these even invited Andrea Dworkin to speak in their theatre, and you can’t do anything crazier than that can you.
Feminist influence still lingers in the Western Mail, a Cardiff newspaper which would be more aptly named the Western FEmail, as it publishes mainly a load of crass articles and alleged “information” from the feminist point of view only.

Just a word about the writer of the offensive article: Nerys Evans is a member of the Welsh Assembly and is supposed to have won an award as ITV campaigner of the year 2008 for her work on domestic violence. How anyone with such a limited knowledge of domestic violence can win an award is truly a mystery, unless, of course, she was the only “campaigner” nominated.


Misandry of the Welsh Assembly

In the Western Mail (a Cardiff, UK newspaper) on18th February I read an article on domestic abuse by Nerys Evans who is a member of the Welsh Assembly. The title was “Open up the domestic debate” which was more than a little misleading as the writer dealt only with one side of the problem. It was in typical “femmyspeak” with all the usual feminist myths shining through. She seemed to be writing in some twentieth century mental groove, because she mentioned "women" no less that 17 times not seeming to realise that domestic violence is something which is suffered and perpetrated by both men and women. To deal with only half of this important problem is certainly not "opening up" anything. I am writing this reply to deal with the other side of the issue thus giving both sides of the picture. One would assume that any responsible newspaper would do just that, but the Western Mail still seems to be in the grip of 1970’s feminism as their daily output shows.

The writer’s opening remark was to state that it was the 70th birthday of Erin Pizzey who opened the first women’s refuge in the UK, in London. To ostensibly celebrate Erin Pizzey's 70th birthday with an article such as Nerys Evans's would, I have no doubt, be a bitter disappointment to Erin. I have known her for a number of years. Several years ago, it was my privilege to present an award to Erin for her work on men's issues. She is now one of the Patrons of a leading UK men’s charity.

Censorship of books in the UK

Nerys Evans mentioned the fact that it was Erin Pizzey who opened the first refuge for women in Chiswick in 1971. That is a matter of recorded fact, but a corollary of that fact is that in her book "Prone to Violence"  Erin Pizzey stated that, of the first 100 women who entered that refuge, 64 of them were as violent or more violent than the men they were allegedly running away from. This so enraged the feminists at that time that they even issued death threats against Erin and she was forced to flee the country for some years. It's also interesting to note that feminist pressure was instrumental in getting the book censored in the UK. When I tried to borrow it from my local library, there was not a single copy in any library in the country. Fortunately I was able to borrow a copy from the National Library which, by law, has to have a copy of every book published in the UK. As it is now freely available on the Internet, anyone can read it. It is available as a free ebook on the ManKind Wales website at  http://www.mankindwales.org.uk. Simply click on the orange box on the home page to go to the literature page then click on the title “Prone to Violence”.

Massive neglect of men’s charities by Welsh Assembly

Nerys Evans also mentioned that the Welsh Assembly has just finished a review of domestic abuse services in Wales. I do hope the Assembly, unlike her, took note of both male and female victims. Unhappily, the Assembly's track record of giving any help to men is appalling. I have recently acquired from the Welsh Assembly itself, official figures showing how much money has been granted by the Assembly to organisations and charities which support only women or mainly women (such as Women's Aid) and charities which support only men or mainly men. The figures speak for themselves: £13,049,872 given to women and a mere £208,442 given to men. How can the Welsh Assembly possibly justify giving almost 63 times as much money to women as to men? The men of Wales might like to take account of this fact at the next Assembly elections!

The help available for women all over Wales was referred to by Nerys Evans. She is correct; it's available all over the UK with millions of pounds being spent on the provision of over 500 refuges for women and also helplines etc. And how many refuges are provided for men? Just five, and only one of those is in Wales.

Why men do not report domestic abuse by women

Another truth came out in the statement: "Statistically of course, we know there are likely to be more experiences than the survey exercise showed." Absolutely correct, but, sadly, most of those "experiences" would have happened to men. The BBC survey in the “Here and Now” TV programme showed conclusively that men are eight times less likely than women to report domestic violence against them. Men know that they'll get very little help from the police, and might end up being blamed even when the perpetrators are their wives or partners; even when injured, it is usually the man who is arrested. Latest figures published by the leading men’s charity, ManKind Initiative, (January 2009) show that 39% of men victims who ask the police for help are given none at all.

The hoary old figures of "1 woman in 4 will experience domestic violence in her lifetime" is quoted, yet again, in Nerys Evans's piece. The fact that some of this is woman on woman violence she conveniently ignores, thus implying that all the perpetrators are men.  But the real howler committed by the writer is the question: “Does this mean that 1 in 4 men in Wales commits domestic abuse?” Her ignorance of the mathematics of probability shine through here and the simple answer to her question is: “No, it does not.” What she also fails to mention is that, in the same survey that gives the “1 in 4” figure, it also states that 1 in 6 men will also suffer domestic violence in his lifetime. This fact is also conveniently ignored. But, to use her particular brand of mathematical logic, does that mean that 1 in 6 women are perpetrators of domestic violence? and to further use her logic, does it mean that some women in the Welsh Assembly could be perpetrators?

I can absolutely agree with Nerys Evans's final point: "The time has come to extend the debate about domestic abuse. We all have a vital role to play in making sure these behavioural patterns and attitudes change, so we break the silence about, and the acceptance of, domestic abuse in all our communities in Wales." I hope the facts I have given above help to extend the debate just as she suggested and that male victims of domestic abuse by women will be taken into account.

There is currently some talk about the possibility of a Welsh referendum to decide whether the Welsh Assembly should have full law-making powers. Taking into account the figures I have given above, and having regard to the Assembly’s misandric attitude and discrimination against men for years past, I imagine that all Welshmen will assume that the idea is some sort of sick joke.